Tips & Tricks

Tips and Tricks

It has certainly been awhile since my last post welcoming in the New Year. My husband and I have been trying to maintain a healthier lifestyle by hitting the workouts hard and eating healthier.  Through our new way of living, I have tried to focus my time and energy to find healthy recipes and new forms of exercise for us.

Some things that have come to light while making the transition to healthy living is how exhausting it can be. Cooking healthier, taking time to exercise, maintaining a healthy blood sugar while exercising, and then doing it all over again the next day can get a little tiring. (Hence why I haven’t had time to post anything.)

Therefore, to not succumb to burnout, I have come up with three little tips for keeping my health goals in check.

  1. Make Little Changes

In order to make your healthy lifestyle changes stick, make them a little at a time. My first little change for example was exchanging peanuts as my snack to low fat Greek yogurt. Now, I still get the same amount of protein without all the calories.

  1. Get Active

I have a friend, and her advice has always been whether you go big or small, just get out there and do something physical. Even a walk is better than sitting on the couch. Being active is key when trying to maintain healthy blood sugar levels and a healthy weight.

  1. Have a Game Plan

This one is geared more towards maintaining healthy blood sugar levels, but I find it much easier to stick to healthy eating when I know what I’m having for my next meal or snack. It takes out the anxiety of having to whip something up and then try to guesstimate how many carbs is in my concoction. It also helps with not giving in to temptation by eating birthday cake at work when I’ve prepared myself a snack ahead of time. Even preparing yourself a healthy low carb dessert for the week is better than getting an unexpected sweet tooth craving and heading for the ice cream.

This tip has probably been my biggest struggle, and something that is still a challenge to me. (Luckily, Pinterest is a big help.)

So there are my three tips of advice I have been personally trying to stick with. Unfortunately, I am human, and I do struggle with all three of these at some point or another. Something I always try to keep in mind, is to never give up and be positive. If you have a bad day, don’t stress over it. Pick yourself up and try again.

“Fall seven times, stand up eight.” ~Japanese Proverb


4 thoughts on “Tips & Tricks

  1. I like the idea about taking small steps, and I find that trying to being patient can be difficult. I always want to achieve everything right now, whether it be blogging or improving my blood sugar levels, but then end up burning myself out and failing.


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