Starting Again…

Where to Begin

Many things have happened since my last post about two years ago. I had fully intended to stick to a blogging schedule like so many avid ones do. However, life got in the way, and like so many things, it’s easy to put it on the back-burner until your blog sometimes becomes a distant memory of something you once enjoyed doing but no longer have time for.

Nevertheless, I am back at writing with hopefully a lot of profound and interesting things to discuss. Before I begin though, I need to play catch-up on things that have happened including relocating from Houston, TX to the town of Round Rock, which is about 30 minutes north of Austin. We are also currently renovating the house we are living in and have moved in with my in-laws, which will of course be a post all its own in good time.

I experienced the greatest loss I have ever had to endure, the loss of my wonderful, caring, and loving dad. I have also felt the greatest joy I have ever known when Aaron and I were given the news I was expecting.

Since these events, life has been a whirlwind of packing, moving, stressing, as well as doctor’s appointments, blood tests, doctor’s appointments, oh and yes doctor’s appointments.

I hope I can successfully portray some of these events in catching everyone up to speed. So, let’s begin.


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