High Risk

High-Risk Being pregnant with Type 1 Diabetes has been a learning experience, which has led to great revelations and stressful situations. It has been a busy few months wrapped up in a bundle of stressful blood glucose monitoring, topped with food log analyzing, and A1C recording. But, before I get too far ahead of myself let’s rewind a little.

My husband and I got the news I was expecting in mid-March from several positive at home pregnancy tests and then a confirmed doctor’s visit. I was almost in disbelief when we were given the news it was so wonderful and exciting, then everything sunk in.

Every pregnancy involves some sort of chance in the possibility of health issues. However, when you’re pregnant with diabetes, especially Type 1 Diabetes, you are immediately labeled high risk.

High risk. It’s not quite as bad as the stigma of T1D, but it does come with its own slew of doctors and health team. My team consists of my Endocrinologist, Fetal Medicine Doctor, High-Risk OBGYN, and my health nutritionist (all of which I have the pleasure of seeing on a regular basis).

I knew when signing up that my pregnancy would not be easy. The unrelenting doctor visits and glucose check-ups are constant. However, the hardest part for me personally is the continuous monitoring and analyzing of my blood sugar levels by four different people, as well as what I eat everyday. One slip up of either high or low blood sugar levels, and you hear it from four doctors.

Realizing that my actions directly affect the health and well being of this precious gift can be stressful, which is also not allowed. But some helpful guidlines for being pregnant with T1D, as well as high risk, has made things manageable (next post to come).


2 thoughts on “High Risk

  1. Hi Tristin, glad i came across your page! I found out i am 8.5 weeks pregnant today with my first baby! Just like yourself, I am filled with mixed emotions, happiness, excitement, eagerness, frustration and at times fear. I have been a type 1 diabetic since I was 2 years old, and i know this journey wont be easy, but i willing to give it my all.


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