Save the Date


So, when are you due? This is the question I am asked all day everyday, especially the more prominent I begin to show. Although I knew my due date, November 26th, I didn’t know quite how to answer this simple question.

I knew I would be induced before this time, but I wasn’t sure when. My fetal medicine doctor projected it to be when I was around 38 to 39 weeks, but it still wasn’t confirmed. So, I usually just told people mid-November. Well, I finally got my answer.

Last week at my gynecologist appointment where the usual weekly protocol was taking place; ultrasound, belly and weight measurement, blood pressure check, protein urine test, etc. I was asked the most unusual question. “When would you like your due date to be?” Sure, I was expecting the now standard shakedown, “How is your blood sugar doing?” “Has your blood work come back yet?” “When was your last endocrinologist appointment?” However, this question was far from my radar.

After careful deliberation, we finally settled on the dates November 15th or 16th depending on my state and the hospital. Now, you all probably might be wondering what the process will be, when do I need to be at the hospital, will it be a natural birth or C-section, what will the timing be like for an induction birth and so forth.

Well, unfortunately I have my own speculations, but I can’t answer any of those for you yet. The truth is, I was so dumbfounded a date had been scheduled for my baby to be delivered, everything else just went out the window. The whole rest of the appointment I was in such a trance of wrapping my head around the fact my baby now has a due date all else was lost.

All I kept thinking was those notes on the signs of labor and when to go to the hospital are things I no longer have to worry about, unless I am early. I can just arrive at the hospital with a goodnight’s rest under my belt, thoughtfully packed hospital bag in hand and ask to be directed to my room. Well, that is how I picture it in my fairytale head anyways.

However, I can answer confidently now, “Yes, she will be coming out, and it will be either November 15th or 16th.”