Ups and Downs


Like the mountains in Colorado, so goes my blood sugar.

It’s 10 p.m., and I’m doing my nightly blood sugar check. The glucose monitor reads 118 mg/dl, and I plug it into my Dexcom. Perfect! I can sleep soundly tonight knowing I am sure to not have any annoying high blood sugar alarms go off on my phone and be smooth sailing until the morning. I wake up at 6:30 a.m. the next morning to have my Dexcom read a lovely 120 mg/dl blood sugar level. Yes! I happily double-check it with my glucose meter to find an alarming 177 mg/dl! What a pleasant morning surprise…

I then proceed to spend the next few hours drowning myself in insulin and water to lower my blood sugar. I’m now 30 weeks into my pregnancy and things are getting tough.

I do not recommend this at all, but over bolusing or giving myself a shit ton of more insulin through my pump than is recommended is a constant. If I eat 35 grams of carbs for lunch, I calculate into my pump 75 grams. Even a nice healthy salad is worth 60 grams of carbs according to my new calculations.

Trust me, I hear the all knowing voices now, “Talk to your endocrinologist and adjust your pump settings.” But, sometimes you feel like your just fighting a losing battle. In the past couple of weeks, my body has become so sensitive to everything I consume, my blood sugar chart looks like a rocket going into orbit after every meal.

It also doesn’t help the further along in your pregnancy you are the more insulin resistant you become. The doctor warned me this phenomenon would happen and to be prepared to start taking double the amount of insulin. However, they do not tell you in lieu of this new adjustment, you will also want to eat everything in sight as well. A great combination…

Right now as I sit in my favorite coffee shop, I can smell the aroma of cooked bacon and sausage in the air. French toast and pancakes are on the griddle, and in my line of vision are warm and gooey cinnamon rolls and hot muffins. I might need to rethink a new favorite hang out.

I’m almost to the finish line, but boy is this tough sometimes.