What I’m Packing

I do feel in some ways that women with diabetes have a bit of an advantage when it comes to having to carry around all our essentials. Below is what I’m packing on me and in my purse:385-Who-has-diabetes

Insulin Pump: An insulin pump is one of many ways to manage diabetes. It is a small computerized device that delivers insulin in two ways:

  • Basal: steady measured and continuous dose (replaces the Lantus shot)
  • Bolus: a dose put in by the user usually around mealtime or to bring down a high blood sugar quickly.

*I’m packing the Medtronic Minimed 530G pump.

Glucometer: Measures the amount of blood glucose or blood sugar in your body.

I’m packing the Bayer Contour Next glucometer that also syncs with my pump.

Continuous Glucometer Monitor (CGM): This little device is what it says. It measures the blood sugar levels in your body continuously. A small sensor is inserted just under the skin that measures the level of glucose in the tissue every so many seconds and then sends the information to your monitor or pump.

*I’m packing Dexcom’s G4 Platinum Continuous Glucose Monitor.

Glucose Tablets: These babies will kick my blood sugar up in full gear when I am dangerously low.


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